Each kind of Indian jewelry has its own unique style according to the tribes that design them.  Each individual in the tribe have their own style of the way jewelry is made, and it dates back to their families original origins.  Whether or not you are Indian, their jewelry impresses all sorts of people.

The Navajo Indians for example are well known for their beautiful Native American jewelry.  Now a days, you may find Indian jewelry with large silver pieces on them or commonly with copper and brass pieces.  The Navajo Indians were once considered nomads.  Once they settled, the young Navajo Indians began expanding on their art of designing jewelry.  They created jewelry and gave them to their elders as a sign of respect.  Indian jewelry colors vary.  Turquoise is a very famous color, however, silver, gold and other gemstones are often used as part of their bracelets.  You can see authentic Indian jewelry shown in galleries and sold in fine jewelry stores.  Some jewelry stores focus primarily on Indian jewelry.  It is still very popular, and probably will continue to be in the next couple of years.

If you are interested in purchasing real Indian jewelry, be cautious of the “knock offs”.  They look exactly like the real thing, with insignificant differences.  These off copies are usually factory made and by non- Native Americans.  Find a dealer that has an excellent reputation and buy from them.  They should be able to give you great details about your potential purchase.  There are many different types of styles, so by researching the different types of tribal jewelry the easier it will be to determine what type you like most.  By visiting galleries that showcase Indian jewelry and researching online, you will be able determine where to buy your jewelry from, and become knowledgeable in Indian culture.

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