Indian jewelry is more than just a trend or fashion statement. It has been around for hundred and hundreds of years and will mostly likely never go out of style.  It is a sign of culture that has been passed down from generations to family members.  Indian jewelry is very popular, and for good reasons.  It is unique, beautiful, and appeals to all sorts of people.

The materials turquoise and copper are colors that are traditional Indian jewelry colors, but you will find colors and materials such as shells, silver, ivory and other materials in the jewelry.  Sometimes there are even combinations of different types of material and colors.  The Native American culture praised themselves over their jewelry.  It was very important to them because it could be used in trade with other Indian tribes and also people who had what they needed for their family.  Indian jewelry became a type of currency sort to speak.  The more Indian jewelry a Native American had, the wealthier that person and their family.

Dream catchers for example are a very common symbol in Native American culture. Since it is so popular, a lot of times you would see Dream catchers be incorporated in different types of jewelry.  You may even find symbols of a person as charms on certain types of jewelry.  It is also common to find beaded Indian jewelry.  This type of jewelry has been around for many years.  Various types of beads were used.  Certain types of jewelry are very complicated to make but makes a very detailed and beautiful piece of jewelry.  You can find genuine Indian jewelry in galleries and in upscale jewelry stores.  By doing your research you will be able to find stunning jewelry and hopefully a new piece will be added to your collection.

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