Native American history is widely known because of the storytelling and record of events that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Indian artifacts were passed down to keep the heritage alive.  Archeologists who study Indian culture depend largely on finding Indian artifacts. The discovery of them makes their work worthwhile and highly interesting. Indian artifacts can be anything that was made by man.

Over a countless amount of years, artifacts have been collected from old burial sites or village sites.  The most common type of artifacts found are arrow heads made from stone, pottery, clothes, tools used to make things, axes, and even spear points.  But why are Indian artifacts so important to us today?  This is because the study of them allows us to see how our ancestors lived.  It also allows us to see what type of clothes they wore, what kind of food they ate, and even about their religious beliefs.  Because of the study of Indian artifacts, these types of discoveries and many others can be told.  You can also learn from Indian artifacts found in memorial tombs how they treated their dead.

By going inside of an old Indian village, you can often find pictographs on the walls of the caves that show a depiction of Indian life.  These pictures indicated social classes and even how they hunt or how their family life was.  Finding potter in the caves also show how detailed they were in their craftsmanship.  Indian artifacts can be likened to jigsaw puzzle.  By putting pieces of the artifacts together, you are able to look into the past and see how the Indians truly lived.  These artifacts give a better overall picture of how life was.  By going to museums and cultural art festivals, you can see a vast amount of artifacts that have been collected over the years.

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