If you have ever seen Indian art, then you know how detailed a beautiful the art is.  Art has a very important place in the Indian culture.  Indian art has been used as form of expression for hundreds and maybe even thousands of years.  This type of art was used as a symbol for things such as a bear, walrus, eagle or people.

They used artwork materials from rocks and other materials that could be weaved.  Weaving was a very popular form of Indian Art.  Reeds and cornhusks were woven together to create detailed baskets.  By using dye made from vegetables and fruits, the material would be dyed to make beautiful patterns.  Women would spend hours weaving threads together to make the detailed blankets.  The threads woven together for the blankets make a beautiful colorful rainbow of patterns and designs.  The Navajo tribe is very well known for their hand woven blankets.

Indian art was also created as homage to their animal friends.  Walruses for example were carved out of whales teeth and eagles and bears were made out of rocks.  To symbolize the respect the tribes had for their animals, they made and wore pendants of certain animals.  All of the Indian art was made with care and lots of time.  The most exquisite art pieces were totem poles.  This was an elaborate huge tall wooden sculpture that represented generations of family members.  The faces of the totem poles all represented different things.  They ranged from animal faces to people faces, and often times you would see wings coming from off the totem pole.  This type of Indian art has been a symbol of Native American culture for a very long time.

By placing Indian art on display in museums and other area attractions truly keeps the heritage alive.  It is truly a privilege to see authentic Native American art.  Appreciating the culture and history of the Indians is an excellent way to show your gratitude for all of the hard work they have done for countless amount of years.

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