Indian bridal wear has differences and similarities compared to western cultures. Western culture bridal dresses are traditionally white, while Indian bridal wear dresses are red in color.  Both of the cultures however have elaborately decorated dresses.  You will commonly see sequins, embroidery, and satiny materials.  Many times you will see Western bridal dress incorporate some of the Indian culture Indian bridal wear patterns in their dress.

One particular Indian bridal wear look is the salwar kameez.  This type of bridal wear looks great on virtually anybody, full figured or small.  The salwar kameez is different than the traditional bride dress.  It can go with the trouser salwar suit and short Kurta top.  It is also less expensive than wedding dresses and can be worn to parties, semi-formals, and work.  Western brides can also use this look as an alternative.

Another type of Indian bridal wear is the lehnga cholis.  It is a skirt and blouse combination that is becoming increasingly popular as Indian bridal wear.  It was brought by the Moguls to India thousands of years ago.  It is formal enough to wear as a bridal wear dress but can also be worn to other formal functions.  These outfits are usually decorated making you look like someone of great royalty.  Real gold, silver and silver are carefully embroidered on the material.  To accessorize this look, the Bindi is excellent.  It is a red dot that is found on the foreheads of the married Indian women.  However, now women of all ages can wear the red dot as a form of a fashion statement.  You can now find Bindi’s in different colored stones.  They look staggering with salwar kameez and lehng cholis.  Whether or not you prefer one style of dress over the other, you will be happy with the choice you make, and will make a beautiful bride with culture.

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