Crazy Horse was a highly respected member of the Sioux Native American tribe.  He was born on December 4th, 1849, and passed away on September 5, 1877.  The birth date of Crazy Horse is an estimated date, and was never really factually determined.  He was mostly known for his outstanding courage in battle.  Over his lifetime, he fought courageously in a number of battles, fighting for his people’s land and freedom.

This makes Crazy Horse one of the most renowned and revered Native Americans to this day.  He led over 1,000 warriors in 1866 in a battle known today as the Fetterman Massacre.  Crazy Horse acted as a decoy and helped draw US Federal soldiers out at Fort Kearny, while the rest of the warriors performed a sneak attack.  It was known as one of the largest Army defeats by Native Americans on the Great Plains.  Throughout his lifetime, Crazy Horse continued to be a strong leader in many more battles.  He also befriended the famous Sitting Bull, and they fought in battles side by side together.

A notorious photograph has sparked much controversy over the years, because some claim it is a shot of Crazy Horse, while others deny that it could be him because of his utter refusal to be photographed.  He believed that photos were against Indian culture, and would not allow him to be photographed.  In addition, Crazy Horse had a large scar on his face, and the photos claiming to be him do not show any visible scars, so most believe this famous photograph is not him.  Crazy Horse was killed when he was coming to Fort Robinson and US Guards attempted to arrest him.  A young man approached crazy horse and stabbed him with his bayonet, hitting him near his kidney.  Crazy Horse died that night of his wounds, but he still lives on as an admirable legend in the Native American world today.

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