The fur of the coyote is beautiful and soft.  Most coyotes are a whitish grey color, although many breeds’ fur has a lovely reddish tint to it.  Scientists feel the coyote is very closely related to the wolf, which is why most coyotes appear to be grey in color.  The coyote plays a very important role in the legends and lifestyle of Native Americans.

Usually, the coyote is portrayed as a sort of trickster who is out to fool the other animals and/or humans.  Even so, the animal is highly respected in Indian cultures.  The fur of a coyote is often hung outside of Indian homes.  This is meant to serve as a symbol of protection and honor.  Many coyotes live underground in dens, and are very protective of their homes.  Because of this, the Native Americans believe that by hanging coyote fur on the door, their homes will be protected from harm as well.  In addition, the Indians use coyote fur to help wrap their arrows, and decorate their headdresses.

Today, coyote fur is also used as a luxurious fur to make coats, hats, and other garments.  You can find the fur from a coyote just about anywhere, even online.  Their fur is resilient, warm, and beautiful, so many people choose to purchase items made with coyote fur as both a fashion accessory and a source of warm clothing.  The Native Americans used the fur from a coyote for a wide variety of things, particularly as an accent to tools and instruments, as well as in dream catchers and rattles.  The fur of this beautiful animal makes a great insulator as well as a beautiful piece of clothing.  Its diverse uses and appearances make it a sought after treasure that is not only useful but also looks natural and beautiful.

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