Crazy Horse was a very highly respected and honored member of the Sioux Native American tribe, and fought as a great warrior in the 1800s.  Today, a memorial has been erected in his honor to show respect for this great man.  The monument is being built in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Once the monument is completed, it will be known as the world’s largest sculpture.

Currently, the head of Crazy Horse has been completed.  The monument is being carved directly out of Thunderhead Mountain, which is known by many tribes to be sacred land.  The location of the monument for Crazy Horse is about eight miles away from Mount Rushmore.  When completed, the giant sculpture will measure about 60 feet high and 563 feet wide.  The head of Crazy Horse which is now finished stands a whopping 87 feet high.

The monument is currently being created right now, and no definite completion date has been set as of yet.  Once completed, however, it will serve as an anchor for a very large educational and cultural center that will house the Indian Museum of North America as well.  The site has not been built with any public money or funds, but instead has been funded primarily by visitors’ fees, and almost all of the equipment used to build the monument has been donated by various corporations.

As of right now, no visitors are allowed onto the site except for annually during the month of June, when the annual Volksmarch (a walking and exercise event) takes place.  At that time, as many as 15,000 visitors or more can be seen on the monument.  The Crazy Horse monument is a wonderful testament to the strong spirit of the Native Americans, and a beautiful landmark that will be cherished by many generations to come.

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