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Native American Cultural Center
“A Dream Is Born”
The Naming Ceremony for a New and Ancient Dance Company
Thank you for joining us for this special event.  A naming ceremony presents a newborn to the community as a gift, and the community has the opportunity to pledge its support throughout the infant’s life. This particular infant is historic, as America’s first dance company that blends ancient Indigenous dance traditions with the contemporary,
to form a bold new creation.
Artistic Directors:
Andrew Brother Elk and Rulan Tangen
Kalani Queypo
Happy Frejo
Lyle Kochamp, with Alex Meraz, Anthony Collin, and Quetzal Guerrero
Raoul Trujillo
John Carlos Perea Ensemble
with guest violinist Quetzal Guerrero,
and guest poets Isthyee Montes and Jen Foerester
Raphael Gonzalez
Lighting Design:  Raoul Trujillo and Rulan Tangen
Company Photographer:  Richard Castaneda
Company Painters:  Joaquin Newman and Sean Nash
Company Costume Assistants:  Layla Amis
Stage Manager:  Max from Dance Mission
Sound Technician:  Jessica Allen
House Managers:  NACC Board members Lawrence Ozoa and Betty Parent
Food:  Southern Slant Catering
The company wishes to thank all of the volunteers, families, friends, NACC Board members, and community supporters (both Indigenous and Dance communities) who, through their kindness and generosity,
have helped bring this dream into the realm of reality.

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