Earth Dance’s Equinox Celebration
Dancers and the artistic staff of Earth Dance Theater convened in Arizona for a lively dance and music celebration in honor of the Equinox (March 20, 2004).  Hosted by Wet Paint, an innovative gallery and performance space in Tempe, adjacent to Arizona State University, the event was organized by Tom Marcus and Thosh Collins.
The event was titled “Soul Purpose” and featured a variety of performances by San Francisco and Arizona based indigenous artists.  The visual artists created a vivid set of imagery for participants and invited guests to tag the paintings.  The dancers showed off new moves and stellar group formations. The musicians created a rhythmic and upbeat vibe that got everyone dancing during the evening.  The audience was a diverse mix of ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds– all were united in the good spirits of celebration.
Earth Dance founder and co-artistic director Andrew Brother Elk stated:  “This was a superb event that showcased the new ways people are coming together to celebrate earth traditions.  The energy was positive, happy, and offered everyone the chance to participate.  Events like this should be televised, so that the rest of America can see what we are creating here. It is nothing like what MTV or major media show about people dancing together.”
Earth Dance co-artistic director Rulan Tangen stated:  “For the dance company it was great to see all the young talent that will be joining us on stage someday.”
This is the second Equinox Celebration for Earth Dance Theater.  The first was held in San Francisco in 2003, and was attended by thousands of participants in the anti-war rallies occurring in the City on the first day of war.

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