ABALONE:  NACC’s Online San Francisco Maps
A good map from 1910:  Note Islais Creek, the Islands, and the marsh where the Marina District is now.
This really fine map from the 1890s shows many things.  Among them: in pink is the later built shoreline on landfill, in blue are the mostly built-over streams and rivers.  You can see from this map where the Ohlone Indians would have obtained their water, fished, cultivated meadows and groves of trees, etc.
Another fine old map, this one from 1853.  Here the natural features of San Francisco are still the dominent ones, not the human ‘improvements.’  You can see all the wonderful little coves and streams and most of the high ridges.  The view on the side like this (with west on the bottom) is not one we usually see in maps.
For Teachers and Students

1.  Why was the natural landscape of San Francisco changed so radically?

2.  What kind of effect did these changes have on the environment of San Francisco?

3.  Since the Ohlone never gave up their rights to their land, was it right for these changes to be made?

4.  Is it possible today to see any of the original environment of San Francisco?

5.  What problems have been created by building over natural earth features like creeks and marshes?

6.  If you could restore some of the original environment in San Francisco, what would you change?

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