A variety of artists, educators, and performers are available for events with an American Indian focus. If you wish to contact one of these artists for your event, please contact them directly to make schedule arrangements and arrange for proper compensation.  Each of these individuals is busy, so make sure to contact them far in advance.
Rico Miranda, Ohlone Ecologist, educator, director of Ohlone Cultural Curriculum
415-271-0342, rico@mutsunlanguage.com, www.mutsunlanguage.com
Alex Ramirez, Ohlone Storyteller, educator, author, elder
Rulan Tangen, Choreographer, dancer with Earth Dance Theater
415-867-8101, info@nativecc.com

Eddie Madril, Pow Wow dancer, educator, musician, performer
415-433-1215, ringman123@yahoo.com,  www.revisionpc.com

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