March 21, Friday
Earth Renewal Ceremony
NACC’s celebration in honor of one of the most sacred days of the year for indigenous people:  the spring equinox.  Everything is in balance, and the world is renewed. Featuring the Sweetwater Singers: American Indian Powwow Drum Group, a Northern Plains-style Intertribal Powwow drum group made up of San Francisco State University faculty and students and Bay Area American Indian community members. The role of a teaching drum within the university is to communicate American Indian language and culture through the traditions of drumming, singing, and powwow customs. Following Sweetwater, the audience will drum in the new Earth Year in its own improv style. So bring a drum, tin can, jug, hubcap, or anything to beat, and join in the percussion that celebrates the Earth’s beating heart.  Justin Herman Plaza, 3 pm till whenever.
March 21-23, Friday-Sunday
San Francisco Garden Show
A celebration of nature, this huge event features scores of exhibits with native plants, herbs, flowers, mushrooms, etc. There was even a garden inspired by SW Indian kivas! (see right). Enter the Meadow Market through the non-profit Garden Vignettes and learn the ancient lore of which mushrooms to eat and which to avoid to the art of making compost tea and keeping bees.  Get advice from the experts, and sit in on seminars such as ‘Cooking Seasonally’ by Patricia Unterman, California native wildflowers, the use of common herbs, and “Symbolic Uses of Plants in Religion.”  Cow Palace, Wednesday – Saturday: 9am – 8pm, Sunday: 9am – 6:30 pm.  BART and MUNI to Balboa Station, free shuttle from Balboa to Cow Palace.
March 21- March 22
Kona Gold SF
A local bay Area Hawaiian band plays live at the ever popular
Rick’s Restaurant and Bar, 1940 Taraval Street (at 30th Avenue), San Francisco. 7 pm – 10 pm. Information/Reservations: (415) 731-8900.
March 22, Saturday
Hula Kahiko: Ancient Hula Dance
Reconnect to the earth, sky and water through ancient hula (Hula Kahiko). This dance from Hawai’i is accompanied by ipu (gourd) drumming and chanting. In this workshop, you will learn the movements of ancient hula and use your voice in a Hawaiian oli chant circle. You’ll also make a lei po`o (lei for your head) out of dried leaves. So come, feel the sand under your feet, and dance the Hula Kahiko. Dress warmly in layers in comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. Saturday, March 22; 1 to 3 p.m. Ages: Teen to adults. Fee: $12 per person.  Registration required:  (415) 561-7752.  Crissy Field Center, San Francisco.
March 22, Saturday
Damselflies and Sticklebacks
Lobos Creek is known for its beauty and for its value as a source of fresh water for San Franciscans, but not many people know of the critters living in the creek and the variety of plants along its banks. Join two Park Rangers on a guided walk that explores the wonders of Lobos Creek watershed. 1 to 3 p.m. Ages: Families with children ages 10 and up. FREE; Registration required:  (415) 561-7752. Crissy Field Center, San Francisco.
March 22, Saturday
Amphibians & Reptiles
Lake Merced Field Biology Exploration
Hike the shores of Lake Merced in search of a host of reptiles and amphibians including frogs, lizards, snakes and salamanders. This tour will begin with an up-close introduction to a collection of native and non-native critters, including a Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor, Iguana, Tokay Gecko, Pacific Tree Frog, Grey Tree Frog, Western Toad, Red Salamander, and more.  With lassos and dip-nets in hand, we’ll then set out to explore the shores of beautiful Lake Merced in search of Garter Snakes, California Tiger Salamanders, Bull Frogs, Western Toads, and any other creatures we may run into along the way.  Back by popular demand, this tour promises to delight kids and adults alike. Location: Lake Merced, 12pm – 1:30pm. Meeting place: Boathouse Sports Club Grill at 1 Harding Road, (Northern end of the lake) San Francisco. NPC Nature in the City. 415-621-3260.
March 22- 23 Saturday- Sunday
Aloha Pumehana ‘O Polynesia presents “Ka Wa Hula: Hula Through Time”
Hula Hälau Aloha Pumehana `o Polynesia (APOP) is a traditional Hawaiian Cultural Group based in San Francisco. Since 1994, APOP has been educating the general public about the Hawaiian people, the traditional customs, values and protocols. APOP’s primary focus is Hula Kahiko (Ancient Dance), which includes oli (chant), mele (traditional songs), himeni (modern songs), nä mea hula (arts, crafts, implements), lole hula (hula attire), ‘ölelo (language), and mo’olelo (stories). Cowell Theatre, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco Saturday: 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm, Sunday: 2:00 pm, Reserved Tickets Available from: Fort Mason Box Office (415) 345-7575 and  .  Information: (415) 531-7285
March 22, Saturday
Dance:  Elektrosorcery : Celebration of Light
Back in 2001 began the journey through the color spectrum; now in 2003 Elektrosorcery hosts one final Celebration of Light to rejoice with the Spirit, hear the Earth’s heartbeat, and party with friends. At this Rainbow Party everyone is encouraged to dress in their most outrageous colors and join in the ‘modern tribal’ revelry. Turntable Sorcerers for the ritual will be Majere (Elektrosorcery), Darth (Elektrosorcery), Tronic (Resistance Recordings), Valerie Sparks, Keith Edwards (Solid Grooves), Kuenvish (Exist), Paul the Fanman (Audiometamorphosis), Charlie (Rave Pictures), Chavin vs. Peeche (Tektite), Wavelength vs. Kid Wicked (Oneiromancy  Tunnel-Visions) Very limited capacity. Beautiful S.F. location. From 10pm to 4am. Visual interactive artwork and decorations by the Elektrosorcery Crew. Infoline 415.680.2357.
March 22, Saturday
People Like Me
Including Mahea Uchiyama and KaUaTuahine Polynesian Dance Company, among others. Show Times 9:30am & 11:30am through the week for school children. Public show for the whole family: Saturday, March 22  2pm. SEATS ARE LIMITED – ONE SHOW ONLY!  For ticket information call 1-888-PLM-0888.  USF Presentation Theater, (Formerly the Gershwin Theater), San Francisco.
March 23, Sunday
Nature’s Sketchbook: Sketching Migratory Waterfowl – Part I
The first part of this workshop series is devoted to sketching migratory waterfowl in their natural settings. Participants will learn useful ways to identify waterfowl as well as field-sketching techniques. We will also look at basic sketching principles, such as how to create reflections in water using pencil on paper. Materials provided. Sunday, March 23; 1 to 4 p.m., Fee: $20 per person (save $5 when you register for Nature’s Sketchbook Part 1 and 2). Registration required:  (415) 561-7752.  Crissy Field Center, San Francisco.
March 24, 31, and April 7
Astronomy:  Skies of Spring Seminar
The key to finding your way around the night sky is locating major constellations or star groups and using them to place other less distinct objects. From the comfort of Morrison Planetarium, learn to locate Leo the lion, Virgo the maiden, Cancer the crab, and Hydra the sea serpent, and discover the legends surrounding each in this popular seasonal star-watching course. Wheelchair accessible.  March 24, 31; April 7 (3 Mondays), 79 pm., $40 members/$50 non-members. Registration: California Academy of Sciences. 55 Concourse Drive, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA.  415-750-7145
March 24, Monday
Acme Chophouse Taste the Difference Dinner Series
Many of our native fish are threatened by over-fishing or pollution. How can we ensure that there are healthy populations of fish for us and future generations to eat? How do you buy and cook tasty indigenous fish?  These questions and more will be answered at this dinner, which begins with a lively presentation accompanied by wine and tasty nibbles. Our panel moderator is Kim Severson from the San Francisco Chronicle; panelists include Jennifer Dianto from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Kate Wing a Pacific fisheries expert, Paul Johnson who is the owner of Monterey Fish Company, and Acme Chophouse Chef Thom Fox who will discuss how to purchase fish and seafood that is good for you. For reservations call 415 644-0240. Acme Chophouse, 24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco.
March 25 through May 31
Native Wildflowers of Bayview and Hunters Point
The photographers of the Yerba Buena (SF) Chapter of the California Native Plant Society are pleased to present an exhibition of wildflower photographs from the Bayview and Hunters Point areas. Southeast San Francisco is home to several remnants of natural habitat where an abundance of beautiful native wildflowers are still to be found.  The photographers hope patrons will leave with a greater appreciation for the beauty of our indigenous wildflowers and a sense of commitment to the continuing conservation efforts needed to preserve them for future generations. Bayview-Waden Branch Library of the San Francisco Public Library, 5075 3rd St. at Revere, San Francisco, 415-715-4100.

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