The Native American Indians have been living in America a long time before any white man; the name of ‘Indian’ is believed to be given by Christopher Columbus when he first came to America and upon seeing the Native American Indians though he was somewhere in Asia.

Brief History

Native American Indians do not come from India, as it is commonly mistaken even if some of their behaviors and beliefs are the same. The first documented Native Indian is dated back to the 15000 BC and was first believed to have been found in Alaska.

They were peaceful people who had strong beliefs in destiny, karma and God; all their actions were well thought out and each one took responsibility for his/her life actions.

Eventually with the Europeans invading America they were faced with several wars before they were dully recognized as the first inhabitants on the US soil.

The American Indians have stood their ground along the centuries letting very little change in their culture and beliefs; they have carefully carried their knowledge and legends from generation to generation and even today one can catch a glimpse of their culture in Alaska should you choose to touch base with the origins of America.

In Alaska some craftsmen still do the work all by hand as well as the women make the jewelry and part of costumes by hand. One cannot help but feel a sense of calm and relaxation when in this part of the country, it is as if everything has come to a standstill and you can actually feel the breeze against your cheek and hear the birds sing.

Here in Alaska and not only you can find unique artists at work on real masterpieces such as wood carving or making of jewelry. If you want to explore this part of our history before you get to Alaska there are specialized sites where detailed pictures are provided and history in detail about the Native American Indian.

Getting back to the origins is an eye opening experience that enhances one’s mind and soul.

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