Jewelry has been sought after from the very beginning of mankind; from kings to the day-to-day man, we all enjoy a piece of jewelry. Men and women alike have enjoyed the beauty of bodily ornaments.

Native American jewelry

Jewelry has always meant to show one’s status or standard in the society; it usually was a display of one’s wealth and prosperity. Well that was not the case with the Native American; they wore jewelry to enhance their looks but mostly to bring the good fortune and influence the stars in their favor.

Most of the Native American jewelry that is found and made today is done with semi precious stone taking in consideration every single horoscope sign and which of these semi precious stone may influence it in a positive way.

Everything was and mostly still is worked manually; even precious metals such as silver and gold were worked by men manually after which women would help with placing the stone and making the more intricate work where delicate fingers were needed.

Every ceremony had its own specific jewelry set with its own significance and blessing. Some jewelry was never meant to be taken off; those were the luck charms, which were probably given at the time the person was born.

In the ancient times some of these luck charms were strung on leather strings in order to hold many years to come; in some places it is still practiced today, one can find his/her birth stone on a leather string which one can wear day and night.

Even today most jewelry in made based on one’s birth stone and most of us try to get at least one piece of jewelry that is said to bring us luck or influence our future in a good way; therefore this shows that not much has changed since the making of the Native American jewelry.

To learn more about these beautiful art piece visit specialized sites or shops and let yourself be engulfed in its charm and mystery, after all we all can do with some extra luck in our lives.

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