From the very beginning of mankind we tried in one way or the other to improve our aspect and looks; every era had its influences according to the culture and surroundings.

Native American jewelry

Native Americans jewelry was based on their beliefs; they were worn by both men and women in order to improve their looks but also to influence their fortune and destiny.

The jewelry was hand made by both men and women and while some of this jewelry was worn constantly as it was believed to bring good fortune and health other was specially made for specific occasions.

Different Native American jewelry

Weddings – Intricate jewelry were made for weddings for both the groom and bride; along with the jewelry their bodies and face was painted according to the different tribe and culture.

Specific ceremony jewelry – On different occasions such as naming ceremony, achieving manhood or womanhood and rituals had their specific jewelry and ornaments.

Warrior jewelry – these were mainly made to look scary so the enemy would be intimidated. These usually are heavy masks and feathers standing placed on top of the head to make the wearer look fierce, tall and strong as well as hide any fear that he may be having on his face behind the mask.

Materials used in making Native American jewelry

Here too, the Native Americans tried to keep it as natural as possible using materials such as feathers, beads, natural minerals and semi precious stones. They were meticulously strung together on leather strings for a strong hold.

Semi precious stones are believed till date to influence the wearer; this is supposed to work if you follow your horoscope and choose the semi precious stone that represents the period of your birth.

Today too Native American make wonderful jewelry that is still in style for both men and women; they have the tendency to take you back in time and get you connected to your origins and roots.

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