Native American If you enjoy collecting arts and crafts, then perhaps you have a fascination with Native American dolls. The Native Americans were the First Nation of America. During this time, the Indians lived a very primitive life. Native Americans would hunt their own food, make their own clothes, and build their own shelter. In turn, Indians became very skilled craft men. The crafting of Native American artifacts set the Indians apart from other ethnic groups. For this reason, many of their arts and crafts have become collectible items. Native American shops include a variety of merchandise from moccasins, beadwork, headdress, clothing, musical instruments, jewelry, etc. Of all the collectible items, Native American dolls are available in a variety of styles.

Moreover, a Native American heritage is not necessary to appreciate the beauty of these dolls. Many American-Indians have family heirloom dolls. In some instances, these dolls were crafted many years ago, and remained in the family. Today, a select number of Indians continue to live on reservations. As a means of supporting themselves and their families, many Native Americans continue to craft decorative dolls. With this said, you can purchase authentic Native American dolls from a multitude of Native American shops.

Native American dolls were used for many purposes. Overall, the dolls were decorative pieces. Each Indian tribe has certain key figures such as chief leaders. In many cases, images of these persons were crafted. Dolls of ancient ones or grandparents helped keep their memory alive. In turn, these dolls were highly cherished among Native Americans. Furthermore, specific Native American dolls were used for healing purposes and ceremonial events. Today, a large number of authentic Native American dolls and other artifacts are available at galleries and museums. Additionally, dolls are occasionally available for sale at auctions.

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