Few people are aware of the different ethnicities that run through their blood stream. While most people claim the ethnicity of their parents and grandparents, others prefer searching deep into their family lineage and discovering their true roots. Because Native Americans were the First Nation, many people have some traces of Native American origin. Once settlers claimed America as home, and a select number of Indians begin to co-exist with the newcomers, interracial relationships developed. Today, it is difficult to determine whether a person has a Native American ancestry. However, with Native American DNA testing, you can discover or confirm your heritage.

Native American DNA testing involves a three step process. For starters, one test will provide a general DNA overview. This particular tests not only traces your Native American heritage, but it can also reveal a Hispanic, Asian, African American heritage, and so forth. This test is ideal for persons who want to know their complete genetic makeup. On the other hand, if you simply want to test your Native American heritage, take advantage of a maternal and paternal Native American DNA test.

A maternal test will evaluate your DNA for traces of Native American blood on your mother’s line. This is a very thorough test, and it is able to uncover family heritage as far back as your maternal great-grandmother. A paternal test is just the opposite. By examining the DNA on your father’s line, you can find information on Native American heritage from your father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.

Even though a complete Native American DNA test is ideal for persons who want information on their ancestral background, these tests are costly. On average, you can expect to pay about $400.00 per DNA test. Nonetheless, if you are eager to uncover your Native American origin, a complete and accurate DNA test can help.

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