There are literally hundreds of thousands of children’s and adult books on Native American history and culture. Many Native American books are written by historians of various descents and many are written by authors of Native American descent. While many historic accounts of some events are accurate regardless, exploring the culture and traditions of the American Indian is best done through Native American books authored by those whose roots are Indian. For it is to those people who years of customs and lore have been passed down.

Adults and children alike can benefit from the interesting content in Native American books. Of particular interest may be Native American books written for children. Various books can be found that discuss traditions and beliefs as well as past and present cultures. If all children are to have a true understanding of Native American history, it is important for children to be guided in reading selections on Native American subject matter so that they read more than just the carefully selected information that is provided in their school textbooks.

Adults may be interested to know that many ancient spiritual beliefs of some Native American tribes are parallel to modern beliefs. Some tribes have accounts of creation that are similar to those in the book of Genesis. It is also fascinating to read how the customs of ancient tribes are very similar to modern day families and the vast differences between then and now are equally interesting to learn about.

It is not difficult to find interesting Native American books. While mainstream American culture promotes certain books during Thanksgiving season, a public library or bookstore will carry a variety of Native American books ranging in subject matter from customs to art to factual historical accounts. It is not always easy to tell what experience the author of a book has or from where they draw their knowledge of the subject matter, but by exploring different possibilities, you will be able to learn about many single topics from more than one vantage point.

In addition to the numerous non-fiction Native American books, fiction books based on American Indian lore are available for both children and adults. Many of these stories provide readers with a renewed sense of spirit and are able to connect readers to the natural world in new ways. Many Native American beliefs were centered around nature and many stories associated with their beliefs are best told in storybook format – especially those with vivid illustrations.

Visit your public library, bookstore, or even online retailers of books to examine the vast array of Native American books where many ancient and even modern customs are preserved in the pages. Many people are surprised by both the information and the inspiration contained in books about the Native American people.

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