The techniques and significance of Native American art is represented through Native American blankets and has existed for thousands upon thousands of years. This tradition has been passed down through generations by superior crafters of Native American blankets who want to preserve this tradition while sharing the beauty of these blankets with the world and those that truly appreciate the beauty and culture.

Textiles were incredibly important and significant among tribes, and today, Navajo Indian Blankets and other Native American Blankets have become sought after items, with several artists working on commissioned pieces of beautiful authenticity.

Like their ancestors before them and their ancestors before them, today’s makers of Native American blankets utilize and cling to the traditional methods to ensure the art form does not get lost in modern techniques of today’s society.

Authentic Native American blankets today are made with the same materials, techniques and care given by their ancestors, including the use of berries, plants and roots to create the rich dyes that will color the blanket.

One of the most popular forms of Native American blankets is the star quilt, which proudly displays the eight-pointed star of the Sioux tribe in beautiful craftsmanship and technique.

Blankets Had Cultural Significance

Within the culture, Native American blankets were most often used to celebrate the many wondrous events in the tribe and within a family. Births, marriages and other events were usually acknowledge by the giving and creating of Native American blankets. Native American blankets also were used to barter and trade for other goods with the European settlers when they began to arrive in the 14 and 1500s.

Trading posts throughout North American began to offer Native American blankets, which, besides their cultural significance, provided great warmth and protection from the elements.

Today, artists ensure the traditional methods of Native American blankets and blanket making are maintained. Several artists certified under the Indian Arts and Crafts Protection act of 1990s are making traditional Native American blankets for all to enjoy, either as practical and warming blankets on a cool night or as decorative art pieces.

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