Native American art is an expression of the free spirit, dynamism, ethnicity and the evolution of the cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs of the Native Indian people. Their art is varied and multifaceted to say the least and never fails to evoke wonder and admiration amongst the art enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the world.

American Indian art comes in myriad forms like pottery, jewelry, basketry, weavings, paintings, beadwork, silver work, sculptures and woodcarvings.

The Native American Indian art of the Pacific northwest region of America is dominated by wood carvings in wondrous forms, totem poles carved out of whole tree trunks and plaque works being the most famous representations. The Native Indian people of this region are also renowned for the masks they make out of wood. In fact, these exquisite and dramatic wood works form the body of some of the most remarkable specimens of aboriginal masks in the world.

Wood art workers of this American Indian region also carve out bowls, paddles, letter openers, rattles and boxes that find much favor amongst the art collectors of the world.

The Indian art originating from the northwest is most likely to bear nature and animal symbols like eagles, ravens, thunderbirds, whales, bears and salmons. Wood art of the Native Indian people of the Pacific Northwest region are also quite famous for their art prints, precious metal jewelry and paintings. Native American Indian art that hails from the Pacific southwest region is replete with glorious pottery, basket and rug weaving and jewelry work.

Part of the reason for the soaring popularity of Native Indian art is the fact that they usually come embellished with traditional Indian motifs and designs. These designs capture the culmination of ideas, beliefs and mindset of the Native American people as well as the deep-rooted spirituality that runs through their lives. This means that whether you buy a sub arctic caribou parka or a floral beadwork or quillwork from the Northern Woodlands, you are carrying home with you not only an art piece, but also a slice of Native American history and culture.

The appeal of art lies in its dynamism and liveliness. While the modern day computer-generated clipart feels alive with its bright colors and stark strokes, the sheer life force of the Native American Indian art whether it’s a tattoo, totem pole or a rug, stems in the fact that it embodies the soul of its people. Native American art simply throbs.

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