Rooted in deep and long-standing traditions of a proud and tested culture, Native American art reflects the beauty of nature, the beliefs and traditions of a spiritual culture, and the difficulties Native Americans have surmounted throughout their long history in North America.

Elaborate paintings of the beauty of nature, hand-crafted works of beauty in pottery, elegant and meaningful beads, as well as gorgeous sand paintings, blankets, baskets and more make up the amazing world of Native American art.

The history of Native American art is as long and as interesting as the history of the Native American people, reflecting the culture, the belief systems, their harmonious relationship with nature and the land and their strong beliefs in familial ties and unity among tribes.

Native American art is a varied as the tribes themselves, and, with more than 500 federally recognized tribes throughout the United States, the differences among tribes is reflected in the Native American art they produce.

A Growing List Of Authentic Native American Art

While the Internet and several retail outlets can provide Native American art and Native American art replicas, the authenticity of the stunning works of Native American artists is being preserved. The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of !990 attempted to preserve the authenticity of Native American art by putting restrictions on who could use the term. Under the act, only artists who are legally recognized as a member of one of the state or federally recognized tribes can use the term Native American art.

The art styles differ by tribe, but common threads, such as rich and vibrant colors, spiritual and natural themes are carried through among tribes and artists. Prior to purchasing any Native American art, make sure to check the authenticity of the piece and the artist. There are several works that claim to be Native American art that do not fall under the legal definition. Once you find a legitimate piece, you will soon appreciate the beauty of Native American art and the stories, themes, beliefs and culture it portrays, whether its through pottery, paintings, blankets and textiles or more.

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