During the history of the Native American Indian there has been much hardship and in many cases unfair treatment.  The forfeiture of land and hunting grounds are a primary example of this injustice.

The American government in an effort to attempt to right some of the wrongs has set up numerous Indian grant programs.

These Indian grant programs are usually tied into location or a specific tribe.  Some grants are non financial and are tied to the fact that Indian reservations are a nation unto themselves.  This means the Native Americans have their own police force and establish a set of guidelines for laws and property ownership.

There are two basic categories of grants.  One type is provided by the Indian nation itself to support and fund various on and off reservation projects and education.  An example of this type of grant would be an educational fund set up by the tribe for their children to attend college or a university.  In addition to education Indian grants the tribes also provide grants for their members to start up businesses.  A very good and profitable example of this type of grant can be seen in the creation of many Indian casinos.  Because of the federal status of the Indian land Native Americas are not subject to the same gambling laws as people in other states.

There are also grants provided by the Federal governments.  This includes the United States and Canadian governments. Examples of these types of Indian grants include educational, business and land development grants.

Grants to Native Americans can be made by the federal government for various and specialized purposes.  Examples of these types of grants include Fire, water control and management, police training and recruiting and various social service programs that every community needs.  Examples of these types of funding and grants include assistance with employment, infrastructure, water purification and storage and mental health programs.

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