Is your mouth ready to water?  Well get prepared because we are going to give you some of the best Indian food recipes available.

Before we get to the really good stuff lets discuss a bit of history.  There are many examples of Indian food recipes that we all take for granted. One excellent and very tasty example is corn bread.

Another example of a well-known Indian recipe is what is now called Trail mix.  The actual term is Pemmican.  Pemmican in its purist sense is dried food combined together.  Pemmican consists of dried berries meat and nuts mixed together.  This is an extremely easy Indian recipe and you really cannot go wrong.  Add the dried foods you enjoy mix it in a large plastic bag and you are all set.  If you need your Pemmican to last you have the option of adding lard to help preserve the mix for up to two years.

One of my favorite Indian food recipes is corn chowder.
A quick version of an old time Native American corn chowder:

Take six freshly picked ears of corn and using a knife cut the complete kernels off into a bowl.  Take an additional two ears and moving around the ears cut the tops of the kernels off into the bowl.  You now milk the corncob by running your knife slowly down the face of the cobs.  You will see a while fluid coming out, you want to keep it all.

Take you bowl full of kernels and add one onion diced, one potato diced, you can also add green peppers if wanted.  You have all your ingredients together now add five cups of water and some salt and pepper.  Simmer forty minutes and you will have a delicious and traditional Native American Indian meal.  Add some cornbread and you have a satisfying and filling meal.

There are many Native American Indian recipes available.  Have fun and surprise your family with a delicious traditional Native American Indian meal.

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