Braided hair is a hairstyle that consists of three strands of hair interwoven together.  These braids can be worn as one large one in the back like a ponytail, or several lined up in a row.  There can also be two braids on each side of the head like pigtails but they are braided.  It is fairly simple to braid hair.  Many Native American women wore their hair in braids because it got so long, and wearing it braided made it much easier to manage.

There are several types of braids such as the French Braid, but the basic braid is the best way to start.  The first step is to be sure you start with clean, dry hair.  If you try to braid hair wet, it will not work very well because all of the strands of hair will sort of “meld” together.  You will first want to divide the hair evenly into three sections, ensuring that each section remains separate.  Place the left section of the hair between your left index finger and the thumb.

Let the middle section hang free. Then place the right section of the hair between your right index finger and thumb.  Next, grab the middle section and pull it behind the right section.  Then pull the middle section behind the left section. Basically you will want to create an ongoing interweaving pattern between all three sections of hair.  Once you begin, just make sure that the pattern remains consistent, and that the hair sections are pulled taught so that you have a tightly woven braid.

To make the braid tighter, simply pull the middle section toward you until you have reached the desired tightness.  Once you have finished, be sure to tie the end of the braid off with a rubber band or other hair tying accessory.  You can then make the braid pretty by adding a barrette or a bow for added pizzazz.

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