The horse and the Native American are two things that almost immediately go hand in hand.  Horses have a very strong relationship with Indians, and they were once believed to be holy spirits in the Indian community.  Horses provided them with transportation, fighting assistance, and kinship.  Many Indians believed that the horses also served as guides on a spiritual journey.

For those who believe that horses are a special animal, or for those who want to show others their respect for this strong and beautiful animal, a horse tattoo is an excellent way to do just that.  A horse tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body.  Some popular locations include the upper arm, back, calves, or legs.  The horse pattern you choose will really depend on your own personal style, and you can have the tattoo done in only black and grey (shading), or accent it with some nice color.  It’s a good idea to look through several different horse designs before making your final decision, since the tattoo you get will be on your body for the rest of your life.

Horses are a symbol of strength and guidance, so be sure to pick a horse tattoo that looks more serious and not too cartoon like.  Symbolism is important, so be sure that you have chosen a horse tattoo for the right reasons.  You do not have to be Native American to get a horse tattoo, you may simply feel that horses are beautiful animals, and you can show your respect for these animals by getting a tattoo of them somewhere on your body.  No matter what reasoning you choose, a horse tattoo makes a beautiful addition to any tattoos you may already have, or it is a wonderful choice for a very first tattoo as well.

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