Residency Comments:
Earth Dance Theater has just burst onto the U.S. dance scene and made it impossible to ignore the brilliant contributions that Native American dance and dancers have long made – and will long continue to make — to American dance history…  It left the audience exploding in excitement…  Those lucky enough to see the company in action at the University of California Riverside are still reeling from the experience.

Jacqueline Shea Murphy, Assistant Professor of Dance,         UC Riverside

I loved seeing the show and discussing the dance theater with Rulan Tangen and Andrew Brother Elk. To see their work in progress and then to see the final touches at the Red Rhythms showcase was a great way to see how they work and communicate their choreography. The performance was fabulous! In most of the dances, I was able to see a story that was being told/danced. I caught myself wanting to cry at times because some of the movements were so powerful and real. 

Elizabeth Rodriquez,  student

These artists have taken the knowledge from their elders or ancestors regarding Native American dance and put their “spin” on how they perceive Native American dancing.

Erica Yamada,  student

“Thunderstomp” showed the essence of nature, the relationships of the elements to each other in intertwining sequences, the calmness in the slinky upper body movements, the abruptness when the dancers stopped suddenly in abstract poses.”

Esther Wu,  student

I loved seeing the different dance forms mixed together.

Karen Maassen,  student

I was just so mesmerized by their hip hop, breaker moves. Just to let you know, I have background in hip hop dance and I’m very inspired…not only were they exceptional dancers, they were plain HOT…” 

Michelle Sabiniano,  student

“Thunderstomp” was my favorite piece because I was amazed with the dancers’ movements. I loved how hip-hop merged with parts of their culture.  Overall I truly loved how all of the performers were able to transform into different characters on stage. 

Suzanne Thompson,  student

Through these inventive new ways of staging dance, we are enlightened and made aware of the skills and imaginations the Indian/Aboriginal artists and choreographers have to offer to the performing arts world.

Kimberly Kolberg,  student

What caught my attention the most was the music. When the man began the piece with the wooden instrument walking down the isle, it gave off a melodic sound that set the stage…It helped me be more engaged.

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