Gigadance, May 13 2004  “Earth Dance Makes a Stunning Debut”

Audience responses:

“Astonishing!   Beautiful.  Deeply Moving.  A revelation in dance!  Electrifying.  A riviting ritual.”

Residency Responses:

Earth Dance Residencies (click)    “A once in a lifetime opportunity to talk to the creators”

Expert responses:

“The most exciting male dancing I have seen since Netherlands Dance Theater in the 80s.”

–Liam Burke, Tap Dogs dance captain and assistant to Susan Stroman, Tony and Olivier Award winning Broadway choreographer and director (The Producers, Contact, Music Man).

“Phenomenal work is being done with these young dancers.”

-Michelle Olsen, Director of Raven Spirit Dance Company, Vancouver BC:

“From the first moment the story, the intent was so clear. It was everything a piece of choreography should be.”

–Muriel Miguel, Spiderwoman Theater

“Excellent job in restaging the solo from The Gift: it exemplified all that we tried to achieve with the dance program at Banff.”

–Marrie Mumford, co-founder of Aboriginal Dance Program, Banff Centre for the Arts.

“The dancers are awesome.  This company should be seen in Latin America, and at International dance festivals.  I would love to see them in Guatemala, my home country.”

–Patricia Maldonado, international dancer-choreographer

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