For many years, Indians hunted buffalo as being their main source of meat.  Not only did they eat buffalo steak, but they also used other parts of the buffalo for survival purposes.  Little of the buffalo remains were to be wasted.

The life of Indians depended on the existence of buffalos.  Because they ate the buffalo steak, where the buffalos went, they would follow.  When the buffalo grazed, the Indians made camp to be some what close to them.  This often resulted in traveling various times through out the year.  Because the Indians depended on the buffalo so much, these animals were featured as having prominent positions in various religious rituals and ceremonies.

In the 19th century, Buffalos almost became extinct because of colonization of white settlers.  They began building railroads and roads.  Because of the decline in buffaloes, this meant less buffalo steak for the Indians to carry on their necessities of life.  Today, you will find that buffalo steak is making a huge comeback.  Even though there is still far fewer buffalos in the world, there are probably over one quarter of a million buffalo today.  Buffalo steak is a growing business that is on the up rise.  Many buffaloes live on farms and ranches and used as livestock.  For people who are health conscious, buffalo meat is a great alternative to eating beef or chicken.  Buffalo meat is much lower in fat and cholesterol.  It also contains more protein and fewer calories.  A plus about eating buffalo steak is that you do not have to worry about illnesses such as Mad Cow’s disease and other problems associated with beef products.

Buffalo steak has an exquisite taste.  It is similar to the flavor of beef, but does not have the gamey taste of some other types of meat.  You can even substitute buffalo meat for beef in many recipes.  Take note that you do not have to cook the meat for a very long time.  Buffalo steaks will most likely never take the place of beef or chicken, but it is great for trying something new.

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