American Indians could not simply go to a fast food restaurant when they were hungry and in a hurry. Many of us cannot imagine how hard it was to acquire, prepare and cook food without the convenience of grocery stores, restaurants, refrigeration and stoves. The American Indians were very clever and they found a way to prepare buffalo meat so that it would not spoil. Today, we call it jerky.

To prepare the buffalo meat for jerky, the Indians would cut the meat into strips. They would then string it up so it could dry in the sun. Once it was dried, it was easily stored and it would last indefinitely.

Today, buffalo jerky is rising in popularity and fast becoming the choice of many health-conscious individuals. Buffalo jerky has a beef taste – yet it is better for the body than beef. Buffalo is lower in cholesterol and calories – yet it is higher in protein and iron.

Here are some other reasons that people are choosing buffalo jerky over traditional beef jerky:

  • Buffalo is higher in iron than red meat.
  • You do not have to worry about “Mad Cow Disease”
  • Buffalo is 70-90{b8f043770e4071302fec5a6e6fdc477566e775f5f6a23ad0c4136f32de3203a4} leaner than most other cuts of red meat
  • Buffalo is high in essential fatty acids (good fat) and it promotes a healthy metabolism.
  • People with heart disease find their cholesterol levels reduce up to 40{b8f043770e4071302fec5a6e6fdc477566e775f5f6a23ad0c4136f32de3203a4} when buffalo is eaten 4-5 times a week.
  • Buffalo contains nearly six grams less of fat than red meat.

Nutritional Information

93 Calories
43 mg of Cholesterol
1.8 grams of Fat

183 Calories
55 mg of Cholesterol
8.7 grams of Fat

140 Calories
73 mg of Cholesterol
3.0 grams of Fat

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