Many people are doing away with carpet and choosing to go with hardwood and faux hardwood floors. However, once they have their bare floors, they realize they need some charm and warmth. This is where braided rugs step in and save the day.

The proper placement of a good quality braided rug can be the focal point of your den, bedroom, living room or dining room. Braided rugs can add much character to the rooms in your home and they do not “junk” it up. If you feel that a room in your home is lacking something – the chances are high that a braided rug would pull it together. People are even putting braided rugs in their kitchens!

Why this excitement over braided rugs? First, they are affordable. Second, they are healthier than carpet. Lastly, they are easy to care for.

  • Braided rugs do not have to cost an arm and a leg. Braided rugs can be found in different weaves, sizes and materials and they are affordable. With a little search you can find a braided rug that will fit into your budget.
  • If you got ride of your wall-to-wall carpeting because of allergies, you should know that that some braided rugs are more hypo-allergenic than others. So, don’t feel as if you are forced to walk across those cold floors in the morning – get some braided rugs! They will keep your nose from running and your eyes from itching.
  • Another reason people love braided rugs is they are easy to care for. Braided rugs should be vacuumed as often as you would carpet. Spills and stains are easy to clean from a braided rug. Unlike carpet, braided rugs can be lifted off of the floor and the spill can be moped up underneath.

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