If you are thinking of buying a bow and arrows for bow hunting, you should know that it is like other hunting methods. It is regulated by the individual province or state in which you live. Regulations will include where, when and what you can hunt. There is often a regulation as to the minimum draw weight when hunting big game.

As with any type of hunting, practice and training with bow and arrows is necessary. It increases your chances of taking down an animal successfully – and with as little trauma and pain to the animal as possible. Practice and training will also teach you how to properly handle a bow and arrows.

Bows and arrows have to be matched. A mismatched arrow will not fly accurately.

    • To get good arrow flight, 10-16 percent of the arrow’s weight should be in the forward half of the arrow. If you are dry firing your bow, the chances are great that your arrow is too lightweight.


    • It is necessary that the spine strength of your arrow is matched to your bow. If your arrows are too heavy or lightly spined, you will have less accuracy and poor arrow flight. Of the two, it is probably better to err on the side of the arrow being too stiff than too lightly spined.


  • The length of the arrows should match your bow. Arrows that are too short can be dangerous. They can slip off of the bow. A bow that is too long adds weight and it can weaken the spine of the arrow.

Bow and arrow manufactures have charts that will help you match your bow with the proper arrows. You should also listen and take advice from experienced bow hunters.

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