The word Apache is believed to mean “enemy warrior”.  This is a fitting name since throughout history; people have found the Apache Indian to be a fierce and dangerous warrior.  The Apache Indian has been known to be the one tribe that performed a variety of assaults and raids upon the early Spanish settlers.

Dwelling in the southwestern states, the Apache Indian was a nomadic wanderer who traveled across many states.  Because the Apache were nomads and traveled frequently, they weren’t practiced in the art of agriculture and farming.  Their homes were also temporary shelters that could be erected in a hurry.  The Apaches made their homes in New Mexico, Mexico, and Arizona.  They were also known to wear primitive style clothing, such as moccasins, leggings, a loincloth, and a deerskin shirt.  Apache Indian women wore clothing such as deerskin skirts and moccasins that were higher, in the form of boots.

Since the Apaches were nomads, or wanderers, they hadn’t developed any incredible skills or art forms, however the Apache women were excellent at the craft of basketry.  The Apache weren’t a tribe that would sit back and let the settlers take their land.  They fought long and hard and put intense fear into many of the early settlers who had come to this country looking for a new start.

After many battles and raids, the solution became apparent, the early settlers decided that the only way to live with the Native Americans would be to give them land on reservations.  The Apaches moved to various assigned reservations during the late 1800’s.  Many of these reservations are still in existence and thriving today.  Though the early 1800’s saw much death and violence, the Apache has shown that they have the strength and fortitude needed to survive.  They are one of the most prosperous of all the Native American tribes and occupy many major reservations

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