Anasazi Indians were the early Pueblo people.  Archaeological evidence has shown that the Anasazi Indians lived in the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado.  The Pueblo people were the early residents of New Mexico and Arizona and they basically thrived on agriculture. The word Pueblo is Spanish for town.

Therefore, towns divided the early Pueblo people.   However, some ancestors of the early Pueblo people remain today.  The most common of these are:  Hopi, Taos, Acoma, and Zuni.  The name that archaeologists use to describe the early or prehistoric Pueblo people is Anasazi Indians.  It has been determined that the Anasazi Indians lived in homes built from Adobe, Sandstone, and Jacal.  They are also well known for the pottery that they created.  Archaeologists are not certain exactly when their culture began to flourish, but there is evidence that it was flourishing around the birth of Christ.

There are many parks that house examples of the Anasazi dwellings and housing structures.  Some of these include the Chaco Culture National Historic Park, the Mesa Verde National Park, the Hovenweep National Monument, the Bandelier National Monument, and the Canyon de Chelly National Monument.  The Anasazi Indians built their dwellings on the sides of cliffs, and they were typically inaccessible unless they were accessed by rope or rock climbing.

Archaeologists have discovered many items that show glimpses into the Anasazi cultural past.  Some of the items that have been uncovered include pottery, stone tools, and other signs of the Anasazi culture and day-to-day life.  However, there is much more to learn about the prehistoric Pueblo people than just studying their archaeological remains.  Learning about their religion, customs, and even language is as significant as studying the artifacts they have left behind.  By studying early people and tribes such as the Anasazi, we can learn a great deal about prehistoric societies and early cultures

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