NACC has a long history of promoting writers that address indigenous people in California specifically, and throughout the Americas. We do this through the NACC Spoken Word Series and by hosting storytellers online in our occassional series called “Abalone Literature.”  You can go directly to the writers by clicking on a link below:
You might also consider reading books recommended by our Board Members, many of whom are authors, academicians, or avid readers themselves.  Almost all of these selections are available through online book vendors (Amazon, Powell’s, etc.) and most can be ordered through your neighborhood bookstore.

The Bingo Palace, by Louise Erdrich
Erdrich is one of the best and most popular indigenous writers today.  Nationwide bestseller.
1491by Charles C. Mann
A provocative look at the Americas before European contact, with many myths exposed.  Nationwide bestseller.

That Constant Coyote: California Stories, by Gerald Haslam
See two selections from this collection of short stories are included below.
Watermelon Woman, by Greg Sarris
A daring and complex follow-up to Grand Avenue, concerning Sonoma County Indians.
It Will Live Forever, by Beverly Ortiz and Julia Parker
Regaining the complex, beautiful, and subtle process of acorn preparation.
The Toughest Indian in the World, by Sherman Alexie
A writer of great wit, intelligence, and honesty, and a powerful collection of short stories.
In Full View:  Three Ways of Seeing California Plants
Botanist Glenn Keator, Native American scholar Linda Yamane, and artist Ann Lewis give us an integrated vision of California plant life.
A Time of Little Choice, by Randall Milliken
A well-researched look at the disintegration of tribal culture in the Bay Area during the Spanish Invasion.
Maria Tallchief: by Maria Tallchief and Larry Kaplan
An autobiography by America’s prima ballerina, an Osage Indian from Oklahoma.
Native American Testimony, by Peter Nabokov
A retelling of half a millenium of history from various Indian viewpoints.
Behind the Trail of Broken Treaties, by Vine Deloria, Jr.
A brilliant synthesis of the complex legal issues surrounding First Nations people.
The Coast Miwok Indians of the Point Reyes Area, by Sylvia Barker Thalman
A practical guide that helps readers gain an intimacy with Miwok traditions.  Suitable for younger readers.
A Hiker’s Guide to California Native Places, by Nancy Salcedo
Over 100 hikes throughout California that explore indigenous life.  Fun for family outings.

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