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Many people have written asking for tips for their visit to San Francisco; either they are attending a Native American event or they are traveling to San Francisco for other reasons.  There also seems to be a lot of you who live nearby and want to spend a night or two in the City.
Almost everyone wants some good visitor advice, so on these pages we have organized some of our favorite places to visit while you are staying in town.  San Francisco is one of those rare cities that combines fascinating urban culture with the truly astounding beauty of Native features like mountains, coastlines, and protected forests.  There really is something for everyone to enjoy, and repeat visits are a must.
Since you will most likely want to stay in San Francisco, there are many online hotel reservations websites to choose from.  Just search for “San Francisco hotels.”  Some of our favorites include:
The best way to enjoy the City is with public transit.  This is a dense, compact city which makes it perfect for taking transit.  It also makes it a nightmare to find parking.  So why not take advantage of the cheap MUNI system (subway, buses, cable cars, historic street cars), or take a taxi?  Rental cars and hotel parking can push the cost of a car above $50 a day, compared to $10 a day with transit and taxis.  Besides, getting to know a San Francisco taxi cab driver or someone on the subway is all part of the ride!  Transit and taxis are fun.
Things to Do
San Francisco has one of the widest ranges of things to do of any destination in the world.  Where else can you brunch atop a skyscraper, take a hike in a primeval forest, visit a Native American site, splash around in the ocean, watch the migrating birds,  catch the sunset from a National Park, and see a Broadway show– all in one day! To encompass all of this richness, we’ve grouped our favorites into the following categories:
San Francisco: Native-interest:  destinations of Native American interest in SF.
Bay Area Region: Native-interest:  (not yet available)
Nearby California: (not yet available)
>San Francisco: Native Interest: destinations of Native American interest in the City by the Bay.

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