Earth Dance Theater dancers completed their work this month on ‘The New World,’ a major motion picture for New Line Cinema.  The film is a Terrence Malick-scripted drama about explorer John Smith and the clash between Native Americans and the British in the 17th century lands called Virginia by the British.  The film is set for a November 9, 2005 release date in the United States, with earlier dates set for Europe.  For a sneak peak at the trailer, click here.
The role of John Smith will be undertaken by Colin Farrell, whose character develops a relationship with the beautiful young Indian Pocahontas, played by Q’Orianka Kilcher. In the film, this forbidden love puts the pair at odds with their own cultures.
Along with Farrell and Kilcher, Christian Bale will play tobacco planter John Rolfe, while David Thewlis (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) portrays Smith’s rival, Captain Wingfield. Noah Taylor (Almost Famous) will also be featured as Selway, one of the earliest settlers of the colony, and Christopher Plummer will portray Captain Christopher Newport, who serves as the first President of Jamestown.
Earth Dance Theater dancers Kalani Queypo, Raoul Trujillo, Rulan Tangen, Thosh Collins, Alex Meraz, Lyle Kochamp, Quetzal Guerrero, Lawrence Santiago and many other indigenous performers had a hand in the production.
For great links on writer/director Terrence Malick and on the myths and stories surrounding Pocahontas, check out this educational site.
Production Team:  The New World
Written and Directed by:
  Terrence Malick  (Days of Heaven, Badlands, The Thin Red Line)
  Ivan Bess … associate producer
  Toby Emmerich … executive producer
  Sarah Green … producer
  Trish Hofmann … executive producer
  Peter La Terriere … co-producer: UK
  Bill Mechanic … executive producer
  Rolf Mittweg … executive producer
  Mark Ordesky … executive producer
  Jason Aaron Baca … Parker
  Christian Bale … John Rolfe
  Greg Cooper … Boatman
  Colin Farrell … John Smith
  John Ghaly … British Soldier
  Michael Greyeyes … Rupwew
  Jamie Harris … Emery
  Q’Orianka Kilcher … Pocahontas
  Eddie Marsan … Edward
  Ben Mendelsohn … Ben
  Anthony Parker … Core Warrior
  Christopher Plummer … Captain Christopher Newport
  Kalani Queypo … Parahunt
  Roger Rees
  Myrton Running Wolf … Tockwhogh
  Lawrence Santiago … Core Warrior
  August Schellenberg … Powhatan
  Wes Studi … Opechancanough
  Gary Sundown … Messenger/Core Warrior
  Noah Taylor … Selway
  David Thewlis … Captain Edward Wingfield
  Raoul Trujillo … Tomocomo
  Jeremy Wade … Jeremy
  Yorick van Wageningen … Captain Argall
  Will Wallace … William Sentry
Original Music:
  Hans Zimmer
  Emmanuel Lubezki

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