Dear GRAMMY Ceremony organizers, broadcasters and supporters,
This is to let you know that a petition has been posted online asking for an apology on behalf of Native Americans throughout the country from all those involved in planning and broadcasting the “Hey Ya” performance by OutKast at the GRAMMY Awards Sunday night [2/8/04].
I would encourage you to read not only the petition, but the comments as well — the petition has over 1500 signatures so far, and this is just the 2nd day [posted approx 8am EST, Wednesday 2/11 ]
Here’s the petition site:
If you’d like to talk to the folks who wrote this petition come to the Message Boards
at and leave a message:
Thank you for your attention, and hope we’ll be hearing from you soon.
s.j. mueller aka ‘sunny’, on behalf of the members of the message board at
526 Chenango St.
Binghamton NY 13901

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