The Palomino horse is one of the most beautiful and well-recognized horse breeds in the world.  Have ever watched a western movie and saw a golden colored horse?  That was a Palomino.  The coloring can run from a tan to a golden brown.  In all cases the Palomino will have some white or silver in their tail also.

No one is one hundred percent sure where the Palomino came from but legend say they came from Spain.  Queen Isabella of Spain loved the Palomino so much she sent one stallion and five mares to the new world.  Legend says the stallion and mares winded up in what is now called New Mexico.  From these six horses came all the Palominos in the United States.  This is a testament to the Palominos ruggedness and longevity.  The ability to adapt to a new climate and prosper certainly was an important factor in the successful spread of the Palomino.

Over the decades the horses began to reproduce and spread into Texas.  Over the coming decades the herds of wild horses got larger and larger.  Sometime during this period the Native American Indians realized what a wonderful tool a horse could be.

The Native Americans would capture the wild Palominos, break them in and ride them both to hunt game and to go into battle.  It was not long before the Palomino became an everyday part of the Native American Indians life.

Legend has it that the Palomino was actually the very first type of horse native American Indians captured and utilized as a tool.

The next time you watch Television or a movie and see a horse check to see if it is a Palomino.  Palominos are strong and reliable horses. They are also highly trainable.  Hollywood has taken notice of this fact for many years.  Most of the old time westerns used Palominos for the horses.  And here is another interesting fact.  Did you know Mr. Ed. The talking horse was a Palomino. The Palomino has a great past and even more promising future.

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