Amazon: Native Healing BooksAmazon has all the classics texts for online ordering
Annie’s Annuals:  available at many Bay Area retail nurseries, fine stock of natives
California Academy of Sciences:  good online plant identifier Lady Bird Johnson Native Plant Guide:  good online plant information
Huntington Botanical Gardens: the best SoCal garden with plant sales too.
Las Pilitas Nurseries:  southern California nursery that ships anywhere
Napa Nursery:  natives sold to public organizations
Pacific Rim Nursery:  located in British Columbia, they ship to the USA
PlantNative:  excellent online links to 50 CA native plant nurseries
Plant Oregon: nursery with many species found in California too
Quail Botanical Gardens: coastal natives in Encinitas
SLUG Native Nursery: plant sale proceeds benefit this youth probation program
Strybing Arboretum:  San Francisco’s botanic garden with native plant sales
Sunset Magazine Online:  good online plant information
Theodore Payne Foundation:  LA area non-profit native nursery
Carrizo Plain National Monument stunning spring wildflowers
Dry Creek Herb Farm: located in Auburn CA, very friendly and good online ordering
Gaia Herbs: based on East Coast, you can find their products discounted here
GardenGirlProducts: make your own herbal soaps, steams, lotions, etc. with Lori Nova
Herbs Forum:  an online discussion about growing herbs
Herbal Global:  based in Fremont CA, carries a wide range of herbs and some natives
HerbalGram:  the online research findings of the American Botanical Council
HerbNet: excellent online herb info and herbalist David Brill
Herb Pharm: based on West Coast, one of the best producers of liquid herbal extracts
Long Creek Herbs:  good online bulk herbs, rural humor from Jim and Josh.
Native American Productssyrups and herbs right off the Round Valley rez

Nichols Garden Nursery: in Oregon, an excellent source of seeds for your garden
People’s Pharmacy:  good radio show and lots it science based info on their website
Rainbow Grocery Co-op:  my favorite retail place to buy herbs and teas
San Francisco Herbs & Teas:  good prices on teas and herbs
Acknowledgements:  The designers of this online resource wish to single out author Michael Moore (Medicinal Plants of the Pacific Northwest), whose detailed, passionate, down to earth, and very funny writing kept us laughing in the middle of the night; author Alma Hutchens (Indian Herbalogy of North America) whose classic book was the first one many of us read on Native Medicinal Plants, author Michael Pollan (The Botany of Desire) who manages to bring science, native ethnobotany, history, and economics alive; author E Barrie Kavash (Native Harvests and American Indian Healing Arts) who is bringing indigenous food and plant rituals back into the American canon; author Marie Miczak Ph.D (Nature’s Weeds, Native Medicine) who speaks from the perspective of our ancestors and provides practical advice for today; William S. Lyon (Encyclopedia of Native American Healing) whose monumental volume sheds new light on shamanic healing in North America; authors Michael Caduto and Joseph Bruchac  (Native American Gardening) for writing a practical guide for the family backyard; author Stephen Harrod Buhner (Sacred Plant Medicine) who focuses on communicating with the plant world and an Earth Wisdom frame of understanding that predates recorded history.  We also wish to thank all the volunteers and staff who helped us with this project, and our project leader (who prefers the title of guide) Andrew Brother Elk, whose persistence and knowledge and integrity and humor kept us sane   …and all our grandmothers and grandfathers who took the time to patiently explain the difference between the various sages and thistles, and pointed out where to find the right plants for healing and baskets, and lovingly made us teas and salves when we got hurt, and gave us seeds and cuttings when we flew out of the nest on our own, and returned their bodies to honor the Earth in its valleys and hillsides and mountains, where their spirits continue to guide us across North America.

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