Native American tribes are an important entity of the culture of United States. Their role in developing the nation cannot be ignored. Their tribal life had an interesting history with a varied lifestyle, which included rich music, ethnic art and craft and vivid food culture. By 1500 B.C, many tribes had settled into small indigenous communities in America. Some of the most prominent Native American tribal groups to make a strong impact are:


Tribals of Acolapissa were not much into wearing clothes and that was attributed mainly due to the mild climate of the lower Mississippi. Men wore breechcloth, women were mostly in short skirts while the children didn’t wear clothes till the attainment of puberty.
Since, people from this tribe had very little clothing they used to paint their bodies with tattoo. During winters a buffalo robe or feathered cloak was added in their wardrobe.


Guess what could be the passion of this tribe? No answer. Well, It was color ‘red’! No other tribal group had been seen using it so extensively the way Beothuk did. They literally covered everything with red, their bodies, faces, hair, clothing, possessions and tools. The red paint was made from ochre mixed with fish oil or animal grease. Not very accurate evidence has been found for the reason of using the color red. But it could be due to some religious reason or protection from insects. And it is believed that the term “redskin” used for Native American most probably originated from the early contacts of Europeans with Beothuk.


If you take a keen look on their style. Hair was tied in a ponytail with a distinctive paint design on one eye with black circle, the other in a white circle, and the rest of the face painted black. Want to try? No don’t do it. Actually they looked really scary, and it is believed that some of the enemies must have died from sheer fright. Looks do kill!


Stealing horses was a common practice in the tribe of Comanche, and that too on a grand scale. When the number of Spanish horses in New Mexico decreased, Comanche reached south into Mexico and Texas. Comanche epitomized the mounted plains warrior, and often used leather armor and large body shields to protect both horses and the rider.

Tsalagi (Cherokee)

They were copper complexioned and were quite proud of it and referred the Europeans as “ugly whites”. They spoke a very musical language, which was punctuated by gutteral accompanied by breathy breaks. Cherokee men were into hunting and warfare while women did farming and stayed indoors.

It is believed that the Native American tribes arrived sometime during the last ice age, approximately 20,000 – 30,000 years ago through a land bridge from northeastern Siberia into Alaska. Though cultural features such as language, garb, and customs varied enormously from one tribe to another, there are certain common characteristics, which are shared by all the indigenous peoples of America.

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