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Tattoos are quite popular among many different age groups.  Popular tattoos include names or faces of loved ones, or perhaps things denoting favorite hobbies.  Other people prefer tattoos with a more spiritual theme, or a link to their Native American heritage, and thus Native American tattoos are becoming more and more popular.

Some people who wish to find their identity through their cultural roots wish to get Native American tattoos that pay respect to their tribal affiliation.  It is important in such cases to have a link to the Native American community that one descended from in order to get the most accurate depiction of their tribal symbol.  If one does not have a Native American connection to a skilled Native tattoo artist, then one must undergo extensive research to make sure the permanent tattoo is indeed accurate.

Native American Tattoos: Many Different Types, Many Different Ideas

If a person simply wants to get a tattoo for artistic reasons rather than tribal reasons, there are many different types of Native American tattoos to choose from.  One of the most popular tattoos is that of a dreamcatcher, or of a Native American chief in full headdress.  Other tattoo ideas include buffaloes, feathers, and wolves.  Some people also look to Native American paintings for inspiration.  For more ideas, one can consult books, or the internet, where tattoo artists display many pictorial ideas.

If one remains dedicated to getting a tattoo, Native American art and designs are beautiful choices. The art of tattooing is an ancient one, and as such it must be treated with respect.  The tattoo one chooses should indeed be a perfect fit for one’s artistic tastes, as well as one’s personality.  If done by an expert artist, tattoos are truly the ultimate form of self-expression.

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