Native American rugs and blankets have also been an essential part of the culture of this indigenous people. These woven blankets and rugs are an example of exceptional beauty, skill, and craftsmanship. Native American rugs are an aesthetic fusion of intricate designs and natural colors. These beautiful products have had their ups and downs over the decades, but have remained resilient and have grown from strength to strength. Among all the Native American tribes, the Navajo are famous for their weaving skills particularly the rugs. Many people have a hobby of collecting these lovely pieces of art irrespective of the price they may have to pay for it.

Patterns that are found in the Native American rugs today are mostly a reflection of history. Other external influences such as those of other cultures and newer trends can also be found in these rugs. Some of the processes involved in the manufactures of Native American rugs has been greatly simplified with the help of mechanized methods of shearing, spinning, and dying the wool. As a result the weaver can spend more time concentrating on the design. This has also helped make these rugs more affordable to all. Braided rugs are a good example of the style of weaving Native American rugs.

This technique is also used to make heavy saddle blankets as well as ceremonial rugs and ponchos. Often the braided rugs can be made from scraps of material left over from other sewing projects. Though earlier, they were manually plaited together, now it is usually done with the help of a sewing machine. Hence, the braided rugs we now see are usually not really authentic Native American rugs. However, they are very durable and available in a whole range of colors and styles. So, when looking for a Native American rug, look for the one that suits your needs best.

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