Native American recipes – sounds mouthwatering? Moreover, anything native seems more palatable and authentic. However, the staple diet of a Native American comprised fresh fruits, vegetables and hunted meat. Indian recipes of those olden times have become subjects of nostalgia and worthy food culture. Now, if you wish to have a taste of exclusive Native American delicacy? Here is the recipe for you. Venison or meat from deer when cooked with cranberries makes an excellent Native American item.

Want to know more about Native American gastronomy? Then fry bread is surely one of the most popular Native American choices. How to do it? Very easy! You need to combine corn flour with salt and vegetable shortenings and then cook it in large porringer. You can’t imagine how delicious it is going to be.

Nuts and beans were the two most essential ingredients required to make most native dishes more appetizing and tempting. A variety of bean soups together with wild nut soup prepared by combining nuts with parsley, shallot, salt, vegetable stalk and pepper. Wow! Just too much to resist. Do you know how tomato sauce was being prepared in native America? They simply use to crush the tomatoes and add garlic, onion and other spices to make it a good and healthy tomato paste or sauce.

Now, something about the Native American Iroquois soup. It is in fact a splendid liquid prepared by amalgamating haddock, mushroom, lima beans, corn meal, parsley and a variety of other essential ingredients. The specialties of these recipes lie in their simple mode of preparation and high nutritive value.

Corn is however, a significant part of a wholesome Native American diet. Apart from cooking corns in a number of ways, the natives also made use of Harinilla or Blue Corn Meal. In most cases, the food lovers of native America grounded Harinilla into flour in order to use them for baking tortillas and other starch varieties. Other than deer, the Native Americans extensively consumed the meats of rabbits, beaver, lamb, buffalo, mutton and pork.

Other essentialities of Native American foods include squash, wild onions, cabbage, pumpkin and cactus. A bit unusual but it is a fact that herbs too were important components of Native American cuisines. In fact, the Indian Americans were masters at making paucities, teas and herbal remedies. Native tea was special because of the inclusion of herbs and plants such as Peppermint, Spearmint, Clover, Sage and Rosehips.

It seems quite surprising for most modernists that their luncheons and dinners are mostly adorned by those food items, which were once cooked with immense pleasure in Native American kitchens. Mashed potatoes, grilled salmon, green beans, corn and chocolate pudding for deserts – don’t they sound familiar? We often hear about lyrics and epics having no written evidences. We know them only because they have been passed down from one generation to the other verbally. Same with recipes of native America. We know them only because we have heard about them. They have never been a part of a cookery book. Interesting, isn’t it? Some recipes of Native America include:

  1. Pemmican – A traditional food item made from dried meat pounded into a paste. It was prepared in a way so as to be preserved for a long period of time
  2. Boiled corn
  3. Wild green salad

These are some and there are lots more for you to know and relish. Therefore, wish you a wonderful time with Native American recipes.

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