Every culture has certain things that are identified with it.  The Native Americans are also associated with certain material things.  For example, two of the most popular Native American products that people buy are dreamcatchers and moccasins.  As beautiful as those Native American products are, there is so much more out there to buy – things that are truly unique.


AllNative is a Native American company that sells an abundance of unique Native American products.  They break their items down into several categories.  These categories include: Home Décor, Body & Spirit, Clothing, Arts & Crafts, Jewelry, and Food & Drink.

Perhaps two of the most notable things that AllNative has to offer include its extensive collection of Native American movies of many different sorts – from documentaries to poignant movies such as Smoke Signals. AllNative also sells blue popcorn, which is traditionally used in certain spiritual ceremonies, but can also be enjoyed as a regular snack.

The Southwest Indian Foundation

When one buys Native American items from The Southwest Indian Foundation, the money goes towards helping Native Americans in such areas as health care, school tuition, and homes for abused women and/or children.  Their products are specially made by expert Native American craftspeople.

Notable items that they have to offer in regards to jewelry include such products as silver bracelets with intricate etchings or turquoise stones.  The rings they have to offer are just as unique, made with materials such as Turquoise, Onyx, Amethyst, and Rhodachrosite.

The Southwest Indian Foundation offers many more different categories of things, but in addition to their jewelry, their apparel selections are among the most popular items that they have to offer.  One can select from an abundance of Children’s wear, t-shirts and sweatshirts, sleepwear, or Pant sets, skirts, and dresses.

Native American products are unique in that they are quite varied in the selections that are available, and that they are beautiful ways to learn about the creativity of the Native American culture.  Whether it is for decorative, nutritional or entertainment reasons, there is something of interest for everyone.

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