Modern technologies have made it possible for more and more people in this country, and around the world, to enjoy Native American art much more freely than in times past. The ability to make many copies, or prints, of an original work of art has been instrumental in spreading this hauntingly beautiful style of art to every point of the globe.


Today’s artist can make any number of Native American prints from one single work painting or photograph. The ability to do so makes his or her art available to a much wider audience. The appreciation of the art by this much wider audience has helped to make Native American artworks of all media highly prized by collectors everywhere.

Another very important aspect of Native American prints is that more people can afford to buy a print as opposed to an original work of art. By offering the prints at prices more people can afford, the artist earns more money, generates a wider market, and develops fame as an artist.

The popularity of Native American prints does not in any way diminish the significance or value of the original work of art. In fact, the more popular a print is in the general market, the more valuable the original becomes. Many aficionados of Native American art are limited by budget to purchasing and collecting prints only while those who can afford the one and only original work of art from which the prints were made cherishes it for the rare and unique work of art that it is.

Most of what is known today about life in the Americas before the arrival of the European explorers has been passed along through stories and family or tribal heirlooms and keepsakes. There is certainly a lot lost in translation. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the technology to make Native American prints existed in time to capture native life in its true and most pure form.

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