When one thinks of the Native American culture in general, one associates it with both its deep spirituality, as well as its exquisite art.  Types of Native American art vary, from the intricacies of their regalia to the decorative sturdiness of their pottery.  However, Native American paintings are much sought-after by art collectors nowadays.

Native American paintings can have a basis in the goings on of everyday life, images from history, or special animals/symbols that are of a great spiritual significance in the Native American culture.  It should be noted that however informal a painting might appear, Native American artists always regard their work with some measure of religious symbolism – something within the painting itself that means something to them, or illuminates an aspect of their culture that they wish to portray in this artistic manner.  Popular subjects of Native American paintings can include (but are certainly not limited to): dancers, weasels, buffalos, warriors, horses, landscapes, tribal villages, and sacred eagles.

JoAnne Bird

JoAnne Bird is a talented and popular Native American painter who has been painting realist, but now mostly impressionistic pieces since 1968.  JoAnne is a member of the Dakota Sioux, and her paintings reflect the experiences she has had as a contemporary Native American.  Indeed, JoAnne is more than just a painter.  She also sculpts, and is a musician.  Her paintings earned her a place in the Dakota Hall of Fame, earning the Artist of the Year award in 1992.  Currently, JoAnne Bird resides in South Dakota.

Those who take an interest in JoAnne’s work will be interested to know that in addition to traditional paintings, JoAnne offers all-occasion cards and art prints.  The topics of her painting include such sacred rituals as the Sundance, and traditional figures from Native American culture such as White Buffalo Calf Woman.

Native American paintings not only represent various aspects of the Native American culture, they also usually contain stunning mixes of paint colors to present an almost ethereal presence.  Indeed, these paintings are the perfect compliment to any home

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