Music is the food of the mind and soul, this is what the Native Americans believed and one can easily feel it when listening to any Native American music.

Native American music and Native Americans

It is believed that man first recognized the ability to sign when one day while working accidentally hurt himself and screamed out loud in pain; from then till date we learned to enjoy music without pain but with a lot of pleasure.

Native American music is very simple, mostly tunes out of different instruments which are meant to soothe ones mind and soul. Music in general is relaxing however; the Native American music has an immediate calming effect.

Native Americans used music in many occasions such as wedding ceremonies, prayers, rituals and soul searching/finding; the Native Americans are strong believers in their inner power and soul with which they were said to always have a great connection. It is through songs and music that such spirit connecting was performed. Thus, music was almost sacred to them.

Today we have the privilege of enjoying Native American tunes and hope to understand their depth and inner meanings; what is certain we will find right away is a sense of peace, calmness and well being.

While all music is benefic for human beings, plants and animals alike, Native American tunes are bound to enchant anyone who will take the time and listen for even a few minutes.

The most common instruments used are flute and drums to make rhythmic tunes; vocals are used solo or in chorus usually chanting some ‘nonsense’ words to the rhythm of the music.

Once you have listen to a Native American tune you will understand why it is widely popular and sought after to be played at any time or occasion.

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