All medicines, even the modern ones we use today have at their core the pure form of nature; they all derive from natural sources and are now modified with different substances and chemicals in order to create more powerful and efficient dozes.

Native American medicine

Native Americans based their healing powers on their inner power first of all; they meditated and believed strongly that healing starts from the soul. They listened closely to their bodies and instincts, as the life they lead was simple yet very fulfilling.

Native American medicine is based on natural ingredients and plants; even today such remedies are widely used to cure patients worldwide. It is still believed and proved several times that such remedies work slowly but steadily.

Another common Native American healing practice was done through group therapy; they would form a gathering through which they would discuss and heal each other’s suffering.

Native Americans were God-fearing people and that reflected in everything they did; they had simple yet strong beliefs that taught them to live and let live. Thus they would not hunt unless it was for feeding purposes as well as the crime rate was almost inexistent.

The power on inner mind is still widely used today in different forms to help cure people worldwide; some of those practices are called yoga and it involves meditation as well. Plants and natural ingredients are still a remedy many of us keep appeal as a better alternative.

Native American medicine still inspires the doctors and scientists and surprises all of us on many occasions with their wondrous healing powers.

However modern our world may get, our roots will always be the source to which all of us will turn for wisdom and guidance. Learn to listen to your inner powers and body; it will work for your benefit in the long run empowering you to succeed in life.

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