Games have always been part of every culture started by small children and taken up by adults as competitive sports.

Native American games

The Native Americans put their heart and soul in everything they did and games were no exception; one of the most popular games was the guessing practice played mostly by children.

For example have more than two children sit in a circle on a blanket on the floor, hold a different colored ball in each hand and pass one to the child on your right without letting him/her see the color of the ball; the child then will try to guess the right color if he/she succeeds the other ball will be handed over and he/she will be in charge if not you will need to try again with the next child. This game is called ‘pass the stone game’, obviously back then it was played with stones.

Other popular children games are:

-Guessing dreams and wishes – here the children will draw their dreams or what they wish for the most; the Native American games were designed to keep the children’s dream alive and their hopes focused.

– Curriculum Connection – here the children are asked to write a legend or story that they have heard or learned from their parents or grand parents; by this practice the Native Americans ensure that their traditions and history was passed on from generation to generation in a easy to remember manner.

Adult Native American games include hunting and arrow shooting however these games did not become real competitive until the recent past as hunting was mostly used for feeding the family back then.

Native American games were more often practiced by children and were all designed to teach them the traditions and ways of life in a fun manner which they will find easy to remember and practice in the future.

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